Cell Phone Policy


When can I use my cell phone at Milagro Middle School?

• Before school: 
The school day begins at 8:40 am. At 8:35 am students will turn off phones and store in their locked lockers along with any listening apparatus such as earbuds, earphones, and any other device that falls into this category.

• After School: Students will be able to use their phones once they are dismissed from class at 3:40 pm.

MMS policy is cell phones and the like are to be kept "Away for Day"

Can I use my phone in the classroom during instruction?

• No. Students are issued chromebooks, which has all of the functions on it, your phone would have, minus the distracting apps that keep you from learning.

Can I use my phone during passing period?  

• No. Before or after school. That is it.

Can I bring my Bluetooth speaker or a similar type of speaker to school?

• No. You bring that speaker, you risk two things: 1.) theft. AND 2.) confiscation and possibly additional disciplinary action.