For Students

Confused about this Online thing? We understand. Let us help you. First, we are going to do a self-check, so we can gauge how much help you need:

1.) Are you able to access your Powerschool?

If yes, move on.

If not, contact Mr. Hunter @ Let him know you need help accessing Powerschool. He will provide you with a letter for logging in. If the letter does not answer your problems, email the student helpdesk @ or call at 505 467-HELP

2.) When you access your Powerschool, you will see your class schedule. Do you have all of your classes? Is it mistake-free (i.e. 2 history classes and no math)? There should be at least 6 classes (Periods 1-6, and an advisory/study skills class) for a total of 7 classes.

If yes, move on. 
If no, contact Mr. Hunter @

3.) So, you have an advisory teacher. Locate that person. They are assigned to you as your
main person. If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, feel free to contact them
regarding any specific question you have.

4.) Last thing, if you are still confused, need help, etc. reach out to someone. Anyone from
YOUR EDUCATION. Remember, "With education, ALL things are possible."


Online coursework has two modalities. 1.) Face to face in a google meeting. To get to a google meeting, you need to go to:

Once there, it will prompt you to join a meeting. In order to join a meeting, you need the code for the class you are attempting to go to. This code can be gotten through email or by going to our morning before school meeting from 8:10-8:40 using the code MMS Help

A couple of things about the google meeting. The teacher will start the meeting. The code does not work if the teacher has not started the meeting. Also, spelling counts. I know, I know. In this day and age, spell check and auto-correct can't save you. Spell the codes correctly, and wait until class starts. If the code doesn't work, wait a minute, and try again.

The second modality: students will start accessing their courses in Open Access. Here is a video on finding Open Access: Check it out by clicking here. The rest should be communicated with your teacher.