Incoming 7th Graders (Current 6th Graders)

Welcome to MMS! 


We are excited to be offering a multitude of elective courses that are available for you/your students to take, while they search for a path that is right for them to follow, leading in to high school. At MMS, we know it is a short, two year journey, but it is a MAJOR milestone to transition from Elementary School, i.e. getting used to multiple classes and teachers, while maintaining themselves at an age where transitions are abound, to high school, where they start themselves down a path of learning to become who they are meant to become.

Team Model

This transition is met with our team model, where each student is on a team; for us at MMS, either Team A or Team B. They will have their classes in the same hall, moving from classroom to classroom, with very little change in location for their core coursework (English & Language Arts (ELA), Math, Science, and History) locations. Their elective courses, naturally branch out throughout the campus, so they can get that feeling of moving locations, as they would in high school.

Course Catalog

Milagro has a pretty good selection for students to choose from. We are quite proud of what we have to offer. Enclosed in this document, you will find each course we offer, some of which have pre-requities or require instructor/administrative approval for taking, along with descriptions of the courses, so the readers can understand just what it is they are signing up to take. Click here to open the document to see the course descriptions.

Elective Selection

For students to signup for electives, they can enter the appropriate information into each field, and choose the electives they would like to take. There are no guarantees, and many courses will require a minimum number of students' interest in order for courses to make. Click here to sign up for electives to choose electives for the 21-22 school year.